Get Faster Insights with
Smarter Trend Analysis.

Business is moving faster than ever before. The data and reporting needed to stay up to date and understand current trends takes entire teams working tirelessly. Through its advanced AI-powered platform, Nichefire is able to analyze and predict cultural trends, giving your team the edge to act first.

Stay ahead of everyone and everything.

Predicting emerging trends was nearly impossible, especially if you don’t know which consumer, political, or economic topics to watch in advance or how much emphasis to place on what topic. Now, Nichefire’s proprietary system cross-references data automatically to identify and present emerging trends across numerous online sources – including social data, news and media, search data, web traffic data, and more. This approach predicts and reveals the ever-changing voice of the customer, providing insights faster than traditional social listening tools.

Know Tomorrow’s Trends, Today

Leading brands need to be agile and able to capitalize on rapid changes in political, economic, and consumer trends in order to survive the upcoming future. Unfortunately, trends are capricious and brutal to analyze and accurately forecast when only using quantitative variables. Nichefire’s trend prediction and evaluation system uses cutting-edge AI to marry qualitative data with quantitative data to backtest and accurately predict trends across more than 40 cultural categories, providing data for six months into the future.

Move Faster and Reduce Risks

Real-time is not fast enough. When it comes to jumping on trends that create revenue, brand reputation, and other KPIs, you need to be able to predict what’s coming next. Without Nichefire, anticipating a trend is like throwing darts at a dartboard in the dark. Nichefire integrates into any major business intelligence solution and uses advanced clustering and natural language generation to rapidly summarize and report on mountains of data–so you can easily identify opportunities. Now, you and your stakeholders can make decisions with confidence.

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