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Nichefire improves and simplifies your business decisions by activating and interpreting billions of online brand and consumer interactions. Using the power of artificial intelligence and big data analytics, we deliver smarter insights and predict cultural trends that can impact their products, services, and overall business strategies.

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The Problem

Data Overload Without Interpretation

Business leaders and researchers have access to more data than ever before, all which still requires analysis before being able to use it to inform business decisions. You need fast, actionable insight. To be proactive, not reactive. With standard tools, like social listening, it’s too hard, and is reactive, not proactive. We get it. Our products and solutions fix it. And you don’t need to learn or get certified in any new technology.

Better Solutions

Data Transformed into Actionable Insight

Our suite of proprietary consumer and market intelligence technologies goes beyond social listening and monitoring. With over 1,500 pre-trained classifiers, advanced semantic clustering, and NLP capabilities, as well as our patent-pending qualitative + quantitative prediction tech, Nichefire eliminates the stress of building queries–as well as the doubt that causes analysis paralysis.

How Nichefire Helps

Objective, Smarter Insights

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Put your team in control with our AI powered trend analysis platform.


Accelerate your competitive analysis research.

Crafted Custom Solutions

Tailored social intelligence solutions unique to your brand.

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