Spot. Develop. Track. Win.

Spot trends early. Develop differentiating strategies. Track what competitors do. And prove your wins.

Nichefire automatically sorts and makes sense of mountains of data. Then it delivers competitive knowledge in simple graphics.

Act intelligently—with digital agility—when you see:

Details on competitor success/failure with strategy and tactics.

Where competitors focus effort and money.

What platforms and post types work best for different brands.

What audiences say and feel about brands.

When competitors typically promote, and how they performed.

Don’t want a tool? Nichefire experts offer custom reports—with strategic ideas and recommend actions. To help you Win in social media.

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"One client has a million-dollar contract with a top SMMS, but it was Nichfire that produced the consolidated, focused reporting that our clients love."

Micah Donahue

Prinicpal, Mechanica Branding