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Competitive Analysis

Get ahead of your competition with greater speed to insight. Discover what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and unearth opportunities from your competitors’ marketing performance and audience reactions.

Build Better Content and Advertising Through Benchmarking

Your competitors’ social media and online advertising data provide a robust view of their strategies, activities, and objectives. Nichefire uses a library of over 1,500 pre-trained natural-language processing (NPL) classifiers to show the actual posts of your competitors, and rank them against each other with a unique Nichefire Score. You’ll see what works (and doesn’t) in your industry, from top performers and lousy ones. We deliver the creative elements in competitors’ content – allowing you to rapidly analyze strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to differentiate and win.

Dive Deep Into Consumer Perception of Your Key Competition

Seeing how the market perceives your competitors against you helps you benchmark your position, identify market trends, and spot competitor vulnerabilities. Nichefire’s technology automatically delivers insightful consumer sentiment–including verbatim statements from consumers–as well as subjectivity, and emotional metrics on your competitors’ consumers. In addition to our network of pre-trained classifiers to identify consumer engagement based on various responses relating to products, purchase intent, and more.

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