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Market Research

Traditional market research is expensive and time-consuming. Nichefire offers rapid, low-cost insight into your consumers from millions of online conversations–no surveys or interviews required–without asking questions. See frank, honest opinions about your brand and your competitors’ brands.

Enrich Your Market Research With Social Insights

If you want good research to make better decisions–and faster–welcome to the future. Nichefire leverages the latest in AI to review vast online conversations, ratings, reviews, and, yes, complaints. So you can get genuine, honest, and frank opinions about your product and your competitors’ products. While there may be a place for slow, expensive, traditional market research in the future, Nichefire offers a new way, a better way. Social data run through AI can merge the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research less expensively with faster results. So you can rapidly spot feedback and opportunities to make better decisions.

Spot Trends and Opportunities Across the Globe

Traditional market research only has so much reach. Nichefire’s solutions can monitor and analyze consumer trends anywhere at any time. So you can stay in touch with how consumers feel, think, and communicate.

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