Discover differentiation that matters with social intelligence

Nichefire powers human intelligence with AI to help you discover differentiated messaging that matters to your customers.

Introducing HI powered by AI

Our human intelligence (or HI) is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). What that means is that we identify previously hidden consumer/customer insights, competitive intelligence, and, as one client calls it: “a clear line of sight to the whitespace of strategic opportunity.”

And you never need to learn the AI or how to spot that strategic opening. Unless you want to. Then we can help with that too. Usually, we deliver reports, dashboards, and action steps based on your goals. We review progress, discuss what your competitors are doing, and recommend ways for you to win. Learn more about how we work.

How we deliver data

We deliver fresh data raw or in the business intelligence tool of your choice to share with the right people. Again, you don’t need to learn or build any AI or booleans.

How we work with you

We present insights, reports, and step-by-step recommendations that meet your goals. And translate into dollars. We do these things—and measure the success—each week, month, or quarter. You decide how often.

“The tools created with Nichefire give us a line of sight for opportunities, making us more nimble. By observing the right mix of competitors and innovators, we can spot the ‘white space’ opportunities in a crowded market—as well as relevancy.” 
Troy Janisch

Director, Social Intelligence – U.S. Bank

us bank

Bank on these benefits

Deep insight on your brand and competition

Identify, develop, and optimize better, more differentiated strategies and messaging. Get deep insight on strategies and tactics of competitors.

Intelligence tailored to your business

Activate rapid insights customized to your business questions without building booleans or training AI models – no logins or seats required!

Insights that go beyond the marketing function

Extend social intelligence beyond marketing and insights to product development, innovation, HR, customer service, and more.

Reporting, analytics, and a proven team for less

Save big on reporting and analysis with a proven team at your side. And get quality insights and results – guaranteed!

Unveiling insights

Just where were these insights hiding? Good question. They were hidden in the massive cloud of data. So much data an army of analysts can’t find and categorize all of it. But our AI can. Review sites, social media sites, blogs, forums—see the list below. We are talking about tens of millions of postings a week.

You simply can’t review enough data to make “informed decisions” without using the power of the latest AI. The good news is you don’t have to. Call on Nichefire, and we promise to reveal things you never thought possible. That’s our HI powered by AI. Learn more about our technology.

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