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Every brand is unique and a solution that fits can be hard to find. Nichefire delivers the latest in AI with the support of human intelligence to address your most intense business challenges. When you work with our consultants– trusted experts in social listening and data science–you don’t need to learn the tech. They use Nichefire’s AI to do the research and deliver presentations and reports of key findings.

Get Customized Reports and Dashboards for Your Use Case

We know it can be a challenge to get all of your stakeholders involved and on the same page (or even in the same room or video conference call). Nichefire helps by building custom reports and dashboards in any major business intelligence solution. Each can be designed for your specific use case and stakeholders.

Tap Into Human Intelligence, Powered by the Latest in AI

AI is only a tool for our job. And as long as our work exists, humans activate insights. However, our AI helps us do a better job and much faster. Our trusted experts can help you activate the insights – saving you time and helping you make impactful decisions.

Take a Prescriptive Approach with Nichefire’s Recommendations

Insight is nothing without a plan to activate it. Nichefire’s social intelligence experts help you by presenting strong, data-driven recommendations tailored to your brand. So you can be proactive and prepared for what’s to come.

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