Industry Use Cases

Consumer Packaged Goods

Get richer consumer insights faster. To build better strategies. And be the first to spot and capitalize on new product trends, niches, and innovations.

Stay Relevant in an Evolving Market

Consumers talk about your brand and your competitors every day. With the pace of consumer buying and ease of brand switching, it’s crucial to know how your consumers tick–and how competitors try to reach them. That knowledge is critical to staying relevant. Nichefire helps by activating mass amounts of consumer feedback and competitor tactics – so you can be nimble and effective.

Predict opportunities for New Products and Markets

Will market expansion cause your brand to skyrocket? Will a line extension spark growth or fizzle? Nichefire provides the tools and support you need to spot and stay ahead of emerging innovations, disruptors, and consumer patterns. Leverage Nichefire’s cutting-edge AI that accurately predicts market opportunities, so you can jump on the next big idea.

Capitalize on Consumer Feedback and Consumption Patterns

Brands need an easy way to spot unmet needs and consumer feedback quickly and effectively. What’s more, they need to know why consumers feel and respond the way they do. Nichefire leverages advanced AI to spot consumer feedback in mountains of voice-of-the-customer data. And then further analyzes it to help you spot the “what” and “why” behind that feedback.

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