Be faster than your competition,

and win new opportunities.

Accelerate your competitive benchmarking with AI driven data compilation and analysis for your action. CompetiSmart™ delivers insights into your performance and your competition to discover how to differentiate, smarter. When you know what your competitors are doing and how your customers react, you can act faster and win.

Faster Insight Into Your Competitors’ Strategies.

Beating the competition takes time and assets to evaluate what strategies, content, advertising, or promotions are and are not working that can drain your resources. CompetiSmart™ makes it easy. Leveraging AI, CompetiSmart rapidly collects and categorizes brand content and consumer responses from millions of data points. The analysis is provided in clear and actionable graphs, so you have the edge and can make smarter strategies.

Better Competitive Benchmarking Creates Opportunities.

Knowing what your competitor is doing or going to do, or knowing whether an idea will work or not has always created uncertainty. With better data and insights, you can remove that uncertainty with educated strategies. CompetiSmart™ doesn’t just find the “what” and “why” behind your competitors, it also finds the opportunities. These areas that haven’t been addressed or are underutilized by your competition give your brand the space to win.

Reduce Analysis Paralysis in Competitive Intelligence

CompetiSmart™ leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and proprietary machine learning to do the work of an army of analysts. It eliminates the need to spend time on data compilation and interpretation, so you can focus on how to capitalize on the insights, making your job easier and more exciting. CompetiSmart™ delivers these insights in a clear, simple-to-use dashboard – or integrated into custom reports and business intelligence solutions.

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