Spot Opportunities.

Act Before the Competition.

Accelerate your competitive analysis research. Discover differentiation and stop guessing at what works. CompetiSmart™ delivers rapid insight into your performance and that of your competition. When you track exactly what competitors are doing and how people react, you act fast and win.

Draw Rapid Insight Into Your Competitors’ Strategies

We all want to beat the competition. But evaluating each competitor and what content, advertising, or promotions, are working or not working for them is difficult. CompetiSmart™ makes it easy. Leveraging AI, CompetiSmart rapidly collects and categorizes brand content and consumer responses from millions of data points. And returns results in clear graphs. So you know what makes them tick and why.

Identify Differentiators and Untapped Opportunities

How do we know if a topic or idea has been covered by a competitor or not? How do we know if the idea will work? CompetiSmart™ doesn’t just find the “what” and “why” behind your competitors, it also finds the whitespace. The opportunities that haven’t been used by the competition.

Reduce the Analysis Paralysis in Competitive Intelligence

CompetiSmart™ leverages the latest in AI to do the work of an army of analysts. It never gets overwhelmed by mountains of data. It does the grunt work. So you can think. Which makes your job easier and more interesting. CompetiSmart summarizes mountains of data and delivers insights in a clear, simple-to-use dashboard – or integrated into custom reports and business intelligence solutions.

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