COVINGTON, Kentucky, October 2023 – Nichefire, a pioneer in predictive cultural intelligence, is guiding the world’s leading brands such as Walmart and other Fortune 500 companies with unparalleled insights into consumer, political, economic, and societal trends. The financing, which included Allos Ventures, Keyhorse Capital, and Bluegrass Angels, will enable the company to launch the first self-service predictive cultural intelligence solution powered by generative AI. New Board member Dave Knox, whose experience includes co-founding P&G’s Corporate Digital Strategy team and CMO of Rockfish (acquired by WPP), will provide insights that help shape the company’s strategic direction and strengthen its efforts to redefine the landscape of cultural intelligence. Several industry-leading brands have already benefited from Nichefire’s groundbreaking cultural intelligence capabilities.

Nichefire’s Founder, Michael Howard, was identified as one of the top 50 influential leaders in social intelligence by Social Intelligence Lab Insider 50. This recognition highlights Nichefire’s leadership role in the rapidly growing consumer insights industry and reflects the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation. With the infusion of growth capital and the addition of Dave Knox to the team, Nichefire will further solidify its leadership of the cultural intelligence landscape and enable the world’s leading brands and others to innovate and be proactive at the speed of culture.

About Nichefire:

Nichefire specializes in decoding cultural, political, economic, and societal trends, delivering insights that enable enterprises to discover and react to shifts in consumer behavior and brand perception. By harnessing data analytics and cultural expertise the company helps organizations anticipate changes in consumer preferences and adapt to evolving landscapes. Nichefire’s AI-powered platform provides actionable intelligence, enabling social intelligence teams to refine strategies, optimize products, and engage consumers effectively.

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