Videos are one of the most important mediums to be posting on social media. Video content will make up almost 80% of all traffic on the internet this year and many brands are starting to put effort into posting videos on social media. But that can be a challenge. A video can require elaborate shoots and specialized talent. Fortunately, there is a better way: generic videos.

Bank of America had an interesting method of posting videos on Instagram. Through websites like Shutterstock, they obtained generic videos and used hashtags related to an event, like #InternationalDanceDay. Or, they included text related to financial tips, like talking about cooking and freezing food in bulk. Dance videos, food videos, animal videos, or baby videos are all eye-catching content that engages Instagram users. Rich content like videos improves organic engagement and can generate an organic following. 


This type of generic content can be applied to more than videos, it can also be done with photos. Chase Bank upped its game on Instagram. They also found a good way to catch the attention of potential followers with low effort. In the graphic, there is a beautiful photo of French food along with several other images of famous French landmarks. These vacation-style photos are interesting to followers and are similar to “standard” content on Instagram.

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Multi-Purpose Content Creation: Podcasts & Video

Citi dominates social media. The have the advantage of having a large following, but their success isn’t based only on having a lot of followers. Also, they post frequently and their posts are of high quality. Recently, Citi had a very high performing video. It was posted on July 24th and by August 15th it had gained over 60K engagements. How are they so good?

Citi sponsors a Podcast by POLITICO that covers global trade and economics. Every few episodes, a “sponsored story” is released that will usually be involved in the Financial Services industry and puts Citi Bank in a good light. The video posted on Facebook was a short clip from the most recently sponsored story. The episode had the CEOs of Citi and AT&T talking about global trade. It’s a fairly simple video and it required very little effort from Citi.

The real success of this video comes from the partnership with POLITICO. The post is boosted, but people are more likely to engage with the video because of POLITICO. Very few people care about Citi or AT&T, but POLITICO has a large following that will frequently engage with their content. Partnerships and collaborations are very important for social media. Even a small, local bank can find influential partners in their community to create content with, a larger national bank that could find an effective partner. 

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