Discover better decision making and better marketing strategies with the help of Nichefire’s AI.

Social Metrics & Insights

Better consumer and competitive insights mean better decisions. Nichefire’s AI collects millions of data-points on brands’ digital marketing strategies and helps you optimize. In addition to your standard metrics, Nichefire as a back-tested suite of proprietary metrics and scores that help you optimize your digital marketing.

Nichefire Scoring

Nichefire’s patent-pending Nichefire Scoring algorithms provide indicators for social media and digital marketing performance – all back-tested with true consumption metrics from Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Service. The Nichefire Score weighs different types of audience engagement from different channels and helps you identify the content and channels that will lift sales.

Retail & Consumption

Nichefire is one of the few data providers that incorporates Nielsen’s Retail Measurement data. Now, you can analyze actual sales data and correlate to a brand’s digital marketing campaigns, see performance and sentiment by retailer, and get granular sales lift trends – for you and your competitors.

Consumer Sentiment

Beyond  typical “sentiment,” our AI employs natural language processing and neural networks to deliver unique consumer insights – and drill-down to granular details. From tens of millions of people. Nichefire’s unique sentiment scoring system can accurately identify how emotionally aligned consumers are with any topic (whether it be a market trend or a competitor’s products) and how passionate they are about that topic.

Ad & Content KPIs

In addition to native KPIs from our data sources, Nichefire uses proprietary algorithms to estimate boosted efforts, media spend, and budgets. Now you can have an idea where other brands are putting their efforts and optimize your own.

Social & Sales Together at Last

Nichefire and Nielsen have joined forces. Incorporate any of Nichefire’s data sources and machine learning/AI models. Nielsen data sources include:

  • SKUs
  • Store-level data
  • Retailer data
  • Pricing and promotions

Primary Sources

And much more! Connect with us to learn about more data sources.

Partners and Integrations

Connect with us to learn about more data integrations and partners.

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