Nichefire saves analysts and strategists massive amounts of time – with better intelligence.


Nichefire’s reporting and recommendations help you make strategic decisions about where to allocate budgets, how to design campaigns, what content strategies connect, and more. As a result, brands can reduce digital advertising waste and ensure spend delivers the best possible results. Measured and proven.


Get Powerful Action Steps

Nichefire uses prescriptive/predictive models and natural language generation to report on performance, develop strategic action steps and recommendations, and make correlations to develop key indicators.


Learn and Innovate

Our team is made up of highly talented data scientists and analysts. We help you navigate trends, your competitors’ marketing tactics, and online consumer behavior so your team is always on top of the market.


Stay On Top of Trends

With the help of our network of data sources, proprietary metrics, and AI models, we keep you in the loop. You keep tabs on your audience and competitors and know what trends to stay on top of with the help of Nichefire.

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"There is nothing quite like Nichefire. It delivers incredibly valuable insights that you can’t get anywhere else."

U.S. Bank

"One client has a million-dollar contract with a top SMMS, but it was Nichefire that produced the consolidated, focused reporting that our clients love."

Mechanica Branding


time saved in reporting and analysis


average increase in positive brand engagement


average increase in social media engagement