Marketers Can Spot New Opportunities. Fast.

Competitive and consumer insights are hiding in giant clouds of data. If you know that, you’re in the right place.


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Our reason for being is to use AI to reveal hidden truths in data.

We’re looking for courageous and smart early adopters—because they will be the early winners. In our highly competitive world, we can help you get ahead.

Gain Competitive Insight as Never Before

See who is winning among your competitors at a glance. And see how they’re winning.

Spot Developing Industry Trends Faster and Better

See what consumers say about you and competitors. And follow nuanced sentiment to find trends.

Improve Performance and Prove It at the Cash Register

Rapidly learn best practices in Social to engage consumers. And Nielsen sales data shows what moved cases.

How Do We Deliver Those Benefits?

Collect Millions of Data Points

CompetiSmart extracts data from an array of online sources and partners. From sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

Sort and Categorize Automatically With AI

No need to train an AI or do keyword searches. CompetiSmart has sentiment metrics and highly accurate taxonomies trained on your industry. Better results, and bye-bye booleans.

Act With User-Friendly Graphs and Recommendations

Non-technical staff can learn to pull insights in less than 30-minutes. Easy-to-understand graphs and recommendations drive better decisions–faster. 


time saved in reporting and analysis


average increase in positive brand engagement


average increase in social media engagement

See What Others Say


“There is nothing quite like Nichefire. It delivers incredibly valuable insights that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Troy Janisch
VP of Social Intelligence, U.S. Bank

“One client has a million-dollar contract with a top SMMS, but it was Nichefire that produced the consolidated, focused reporting that our clients love.” Micah Donahue Partner, Mechanica Branding

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