Nichefire saves analysts and strategists massive amounts of time – with better intelligence.


Our expert insights answer the questions of digital marketers. Organized and usable intelligence is gathered and presented in a format brand teams can use.

Integrations & APIs

Integrate Nichefire into your workflow. Or, run your data through any of Nichefire’s machine learning and AI models. Enhance your data and analysis with Nichefire. 

Custom AI Solutions

Do you have a unique problem? Need additional classifiers? Or, need different data sources? Nichefire can help your organization adapt and apply AI. Our team of expert data scientists and analysts are at the ready!

"There is nothing quite like Nichefire. It delivers incredibly valuable insights that you can’t get anywhere else."

U.S. Bank

"One client has a million-dollar contract with a top SMMS, but it was Nichefire that produced the consolidated, focused reporting that our clients love."

Mechanica Branding


time saved in reporting and analysis


average increase in positive brand engagement


average increase in social media engagement