Anticipate trends in buyer behavior by understanding the cultural forces behind them.

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Ralph Lauren stays relevant in a changing market

Tapping into cultural values and nostalgia has allowed the retail clothing giant to stay “in” for over half a century. Find out how.

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Predict customer patterns and their impact

With the risks facing retailers, there’s little room for guessing.
The only greater threat is being slow-footed.
To make better decisions faster, you need to understand what’s behind trends and market data. Nichefire provides it, with tools to predict and analyze emerging trends and how your products

Stay proactive in a changing market

Retail trends change every day, but the culture that drives them doesn’t. Our tool uses the deeper cultural insights to build a model of the future. That way you can see what’s coming, so you can be proactive and capitalize on opportunities faster than other retailers.

Graphic showing Nichefire predictive social intelligence
Graphic showing Nichefire predictive social intelligence

Capitalize on opportunities with confidence

Nichefire’s highly accurate predictive insights allow you to reduce risk and have confidence in the potential outcome of your decisions. Even with a trend as volatile as Bitcoin, our technology was able to stay 90% accurate in its predictions.

Graph of bitcoin web traffic trend Nichefire predictions vs observed values
Graph of bitcoin web traffic trend Nichefire predictions vs observed values

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See what Nichefire can do for your industry

“[Our social listening tool] is going to tell us what people are saying today. Nichefire is going to tell us what’s emerging that might be trending tomorrow or next week or next month.”

– Frank Gregory, Social Intelligence Lead, Nestle

“Thanks to Nichefire, we now have a reliable way to keep pace with cultural trends. Their platform’s ability to gather and organize data has revolutionized how we approach monitoring culture.”

– Dan Rucolas, Social Intelligence Lead, Kraft-Heinz

“Nichefire offers a fresh perspective on social listening, and their quick turnaround keeps us on top of trends.”

– Angela Palladino, Sr Director Insights & Analytics, Walmart

3 steps to driving your next big opportunity:

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Add a topic

Nichefire doesn’t require time-consuming queries. Just enter the topic you’re interested in, and let our technology do the work for you.

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Uncover the most popular trends

See which trends are happening around your topic, and which are here to stay for the long term.

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Disseminate insights to stakeholders

Automatically schedule reports to get insights to your stakeholders so they can make informed decisions.

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