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Talent Recruitment Done Smarter

The Challenge

With more than 70 colleges and universities, Boston is a hub for young talent. But competition for that talent is intense. And a large insurance company knew they were losing out to direct and indirect competitors. But they didn’t know why.
The company’s ad agency hired Nichefire to help figure it out—and to advise how to attract talent.

The Solution

Nichefire aimed its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence at competitors to see how they used social media to attract talent—both direct and indirect, companies like GE and Boston Consulting Group (BSG) and others. Within hours, Nichefire revealed BSG was leading; the strategy they employed; and what tactics grabbed the most engagement among prospects. In addition, Nichefire pinpointed opportunities to surpass competitors.

The Result

With Nichefire’s competitive intelligence work, the agency could stop guessing and see what worked and what didn’t. The data guided the agency to change the strategy, hone brand messaging, conduct rapid test-and-learn, and post brand efforts on the right day and time.
The agency and the insurance company got deeper, more focused, and more actionable reports and recommendations—rapidly. They saw a 70% reduction in research time. And the benchmarking tool demonstrated how their efforts added value by improving engagement with the target audience.

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