Nichefire is a trusted partner to research institutions exploring consumer behavior.

Our partnerships with academics and thought leaders

Nichefire’s guiding force is to make previously hidden truths visible. To do this, Nichefire developed a unique and deep approach—an AI technology—for capturing millions of datapoints. Then the AI sorts and categorizes the data. And finally it serves up the results, the nuggets of gold—in easy-to-understand data visualization tools.

Our AI approach opens tremendous opportunities for researchers who, previously, were drowning in vast seas of data. Now, in hours, they can glean invaluable truths that were shrouded in the chaff of data collection before. For these reasons, we have begun to work with forward-thinking researchers at universities and in leading government agencies.

custom ai

Innovative and diverse data sets that are processed to academic standards; Including omni-channel social data and analytical capabilities.

Best-in-class information systems designs, analytics, big data management, and quality control; including the latest applications of data science methods, processes, and procedures. 

Robust infrastructure of established classifier libraries, sentiment and behavioral modeling, and other AI/ML models.

Join the Nichefire research network

Nichefire helps researchers gather, organize, and analyze social electronic word of mouth (eWOM), user-generated text and visual content (UGC), and firm-generated content (FGC). Our services and expertise are often provided free-of-charge to investigators for institutional research directed at predicting or influencing financial service relationships, fast moving good purchases, and healthcare behavior.

Spanning diverse disciplines

The Nichefire Research Network Spans Diverse Disciplines including psychology, behavioral economics, experimental psychology, consumer behavior, marketing, human resource management, information systems, data science, and healthcareClick here to learn about our available training data sets.

Our core competencies include:


Text mining and content analysis


Sentiment & consumer behavior


NLP & neural networks


Trends & predictive analysis