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Want to know your competitors’ strategies? Nichefire provides AI-powered competitive insight through numerous marketing channels.

Benchmark Intelligently.

Every strategist and marketer wants to know how their content, campaigns, products, etc. stack up to their competition. That’s why we invented the Nichefire Benchmarking System™. Nichefire uses real industry data, performance metrics from social media, AI, and proprietary research to accurately represent performance and estimated costs of your competitors’ advertising and content – all tailored to your industry.

AI-Powered Strategies.

Introducing CompetiSmart™ – the new AI-powered marketing strategy analysis tool. CompetiSmart analyzes millions of posts, ads, and conversations. Then it displays results in simple, actionable graphics. It picks up where social listening ends. All information and taxonomies are researched and tailored for your industry. Taxonomies range from types of content to product categories. Paired with our benchmarking platform, CompetiSmart provides the most robust analysis of what your competitors do well (or not well) and where they put their investment.

Pure Intelligence.              No Hassle.

Nichefire delivers competitive intelligence in two ways. First is the tool. But we also offer custom reports developed by our experts. Nichefire’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is sold as a subscription-based solution. No software to download or add to corporate servers. Everything is in the secure cloud. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account (no intense training, booleans, or setup required). Then you simply log-in, enter your brand and the competitive set. Soon, you’re getting smarter, gathering key insights, spotting strategic opportunities for your brand, and hearing the market like never before.

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“For our hospital client, a challenger brand, Nichefire gives us a lot of bang for our buck. We can immediately see what big hospitals are doing, allowing us to craft smart strategies of our own.”

Dan Whitmeyer

VP of Strategy, Northlich