Nichefire saves time and fuels competitive advantage

Social media has become a competitive battleground for businesses. Companies spend dozens of hours a month tracking competitors–or they simply can’t allocate resources to do it. That’s where Nichfire comes in. The company developed a technology that uses artificial intelligence to rapidly reveal competitors’ marketing strategies and track customer engagement. Nichefire turns mountains of data into simple, actionable graphs for business leaders to spot competitive opportunities.

As one Nichefire client, Boston-based Mechanica Branding, said, “Your technology saves us days of time each month.”

What makes Nichefire unique is how it leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to categorize and organize key information about each industry. The result is an unmatched depth of competitive insights. This allows companies to create different, and winning, competitive positioning. As never before, Nichefire makes it easy to benchmark performance between competitors and then dig into the details of what works and what doesn’t. Now communication teams can see and learn best practices for their industry.

According to Michael Howard, CEO of Nichefire: “When companies spend 80 hours a month on competitive analysis, it’s a major expense. Much of this is sifting through mountains of data. We built Nichefire as a way to analyze competitive strategies across any digital marketing channel – from Facebook and Twitter to Yelp, Reddit, and Walmart product ratings among others.”

About Nichefire

Nichefire, Inc., a Cincinnati-based company, develops Software as a Service (SaaS) competitive insight technologies. Nichefire clients include a Fortune 500 bank, ad agencies, and visionary startups.

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