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Why use AI? To collect millions of data points, categorize them, and deliver them in a useful form.

The story of our tech

Most of our clients want to focus on the benefits we deliver. So do we. But if you want to look under the hood, we’re happy to show off the engine behind our: “HI powered by AI” model.

Social Intelligence Tech

See how we use social data to solve complex business challenges and enable better decision making.

Consumer Behavior & Sentiment

Learn how we go beyond typical “sentiment” and deliver unique consumer behavior and attitudinal insights.

Proprietary Classifier Networks

Discover how we built our network of over 400 classifiers and how we innovate using the latest methodologies in textual data sciences.

Industries We Work With

Explore the industries where we exceed expetations.

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Our social intelligence tech

Our AI technology collects data from a vast network of data, supplied by partners and publicly available sources. Learn more about our data sources here. Then, our scoring algorithms, proprietary consumer sentiment scores, and trained classifier network measure the relationships in a brand’s digital presence.

We cover a number of areas in social intelligence. Wherever there’s discourse between consumers and brands, our platform analyzes that information and we supply rapid insights from that.

We believe social intelligence can provide insights to achieve many business goals. For example, we’ve helped clients establish competitive advantages in marketing strategy, improve employee recruitment, discover opportunities for new markets and new products, and more using social intelligence.

Nichefire Scoring

Nichefire’s patent-pending Nichefire Scoring algorithms provide indicators for social media and digital marketing performance – all back-tested with true consumption metrics from Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Service. The Nichefire Score weighs different types of audience engagement from different channels and helps you identify the content and channels that will lift sales.

Ad & Content KPIs

In addition to native KPIs from our data sources, Nichefire uses proprietary algorithms to estimate boosted efforts, media spend, and budgets – as well as KPIs tailored to you. These algorithms use regression modeling and weights to backtest against consumption data, market data, and other key indicators. Now you can have an idea where other brands are putting their efforts and optimize your own.

Measure consumer content

Rather than a binary approach, we measure sentiment as a nuanced spectrum that allows you to get granular data and detailed insights. Our unique and proprietary sentiment scoring system can accurately identify how emotionally aligned consumers are with any topic (whether it be a market trend or a competitor’s products), their loyalty to a brand, their propensity to buy, and how passionate they are about that topic.

Nichefire’s AI also uniquely clusters conversations based on how they are related. We work with you to understand your customer and develop robust classifiers and models that are tailored to your business. Get detailed analyses on product issues and attributes, trending topics in the industry, and more.

The result? Your teams get a granular and detailed view of what your customers think and feel—as well as your competitors’ customers. Each dot represents a comment, and you can examine that comment upon rollover. You can see how it can reveal levels of loyalty to a brand, propensity to buy, level of passion about a topic or product. It can reveal trends, issues, and opportunities.

See our sentiment analysis in action

See our classifiers in action

Classifier technologies

Unlike social listening tools, Nichefire’s AI has over 400 of professionally trained and researched multi-nomial classifier networks that are tailored to your industry. Now you can spot strengths/weakness in your competitor’s marketing strategies and creative without having to create booleans and or building your own AI.

We build all of our classifiers using the latest advancements in data science to maximize accuracy, speed, and versatility. Learn more about our approach to building classifiers below.

Our classifier approach

For every social intelligence project, we conduct thorough research to tailor our classifier networks and models to your needs.


When we are trying to unveil insights about your market, your consumers, or anything that matters to you, we assess the strategic datasets needed and conduct “bottom-up” research on that data. More or less, we let the data tell us what’s important. Our bottom-up research is a combination of an expert review on the subject (having a subject matter expert identify commonalities) and unsupervised machine learning methods, such as word vectorization and LDA. This allows us to organically find commonalities in bodies of text.


Using our bottom-up research, or a genuine understanding of the business question, we develop a top-down approach to discover trends on categories we have identified and partner with subject matter experts to develop training data. Using an inter-coder approach and transformer natural language processing, we create highly accurate multi-nomial classifier libraries. For some complex business use cases, we can develop chained classifier networks that utilize multiple bodies of text or are tied to other classifier networks. All tailored to your specific use case.

Example classifiers

Nichefire provides a suite of 400+ machine learning classifiers to accelerate your analysis. Contact us to learn about all of our classifiers. We can also customize classifiers and other machine learning models to support your business!


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