Understanding audiences with cultural insights

It’s not everyday that one of the leading organizations in your industry recognizes you for being a pioneer in the industry, but it really makes your year when you’re invited to be a speaker at their annual conference! We couldn’t be more excited at Nichefire to tag along with our CEO/Founder, Michael Howard, for the Si Lab’s 2023 Observe Summit in London.

What’s the Observe Summit about?

The Social Intelligence Lab brings together some of the top minds in the world to review and discuss cultural insights in the digital world and how they affect professional industries. This year’s theme is Decoding Internet Culture. At the conference we’ll be exploring what drives changes in behaviors at scale, and review how to use gained insights to be more strategic in your business. This includes studying viral trends, where niches come from, how online communities emerge, and how to understand these as they affect the physical world.

What we’re speaking about.

There are going to be a lot of great topics and conversations happening this year, but we’re particularly excited about Michael’s presentation, Putting Data Into Context: Understanding Audiences With Cultural Insights, for more than the obvious reasons. In his talk, he’ll be digging deeper into what we can learn from online conversations beyond direct engagement, with context around these. To demonstrate this, Michael will use Nichefire case studies that illustrate how we’ve helped a few of our partners in finance, pharmaceuticals, and even confectionery leverage cultural insights from social data to better understand their audience. He may even drop a reference to one of our favorite shows to further show how trends grow from single events into a branched cultural phenomenon.

One more thing…

We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ve been working really hard and have some big news we’ll be sharing at the Observe Summit this year. Make sure to get your ticket if you haven’t; both available in person for those who can make it to Euston Square in London or digital on-demand content for those who can’t. If you’re unable, send a message in the form below so we can connect and (maybe) share some of the news with you before we announce it. 

Going? Let’s Connect!

We’d love to meet up with you at the conference or while we’re in London. Send us a message in the form below, and we’ll schedule some time to meet and chat.

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