In today’s marketing world, any tweak to a social platform algorithm is cause for a red alert. Because organizations rely on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to distribute content, even a slight change in code can disrupt an organization’s social media strategy.

Pro Tip: We said, “red alert”, not run for the hills! Before you make a ton of changes, let a week go by to observe how your current strategy does under the algorithm updates.

Marketer’s who don’t understand what algorithms are or how they work will find themselves facing a constant struggle to create high performing content. But here’s the great news: there are email newsletters, podcasts, websites and more where you can learn the basics of algorithms and sign up for notifications and alerts when algorithm changes occur.

Here Are Three Social Media News Outlets that Cover Algorithm Changes

  1. Stedavies: Decoding the Social Media Algorithms in 2020

This website is your one-stop-shop for everything algorithm.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Why you need to understand social media algorithms
  • Facebook algorithms
  • Twitter algorithms
  • LinkedIn algorithms
  • Instagram algorithms
  • And so much more!

If you’re new to this topic, this is the perfect place to get informed!

2. Social Media Today

Social Media Today has a content category just for algorithms. Here you’ll find the latest updates, changes and fails of the code behind the social feeds. Check it out!

3. SmartBrief on Social Business  

If you’re interested in algorithm news but you’d rather to subscribe to a social media news outlet that covers a wide variety of social topics, sign up for SmartBriefs email newsletter. Whether you prefer daily content or weekly, they curate and distribute excellent articles.

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