How we work

Nichefire saves social intelligence strategists massive amounts of time – with better intelligence.

Our process

We deliver a lot of benefits, and we work with clients in a number of ways. Here are the four most common:

Our consultants benchmark your performance against competitors, spot opportunities, and present reports as well as step-by-step recommendations. You never need to learn the AI or look at dashboards or data.

We deliver data collected, categorized, and sorted by our AI, and all delivered to your analysts raw or in the business intelligence tool of your choice: Tableau, Domo, Google Data Studio, Power BI, whatever. So you can analyze it and share it across the organization.

Add the first two options together. We make sure 1+2=4. Working with your team—as your outsourced sharks of social intelligence—we amplify your capabilities for big results.

We bring your big ideas and wish lists to life. For some clients, we tweak our AI to deliver dream results.

Discover differentiation that matters to your customers

You’re in a competitive business. It’s hard. To customers or consumers you kinda look alike. (A bank is a bank. A shampoo is a shampoo.)

When those customers see you as different—as better for them—you win. That’s where we come in. We help you spot opportunities to differentiate. And win. What’s more, we track it, measure it, and show you the results. Learn more about our technology.

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AI customized to you

Do you have a big idea that requires special attention? We at Nichefire love a challenge. We can act as your own data science team.

Our data scientists apply the latest in AI. To: validate (or discover) a product idea, test a new marketing strategy, or run a market research project. We can even help you build your own custom machine learning/AI models, or apply any data points our suite of data partners provide to develop KPIs and measures.

Customize your classifiers

Do you have a flash of brilliance that our current machine learning classifiers don’t address? Our data scientist team can support you by building custom models that allow you to report on and understand areas critical to your business. From online consumer behavior to consumption metrics at individual retailers.

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