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How Do Nichefire’s Trial Products Work?

CompetiSmart 14-Day Trial

Try Nichefire’s CompetiSmart benchmarking tool for free for 14-days! We’ll help you use this simple platform to gain powerful insights on your competition, learn best practices, and sharpen your content strategies on social media. And it only takes minutes to start analyzing your competitors. Sign up for a trial to get started!

Custom Dashboard Samples

See real data populated in the business intelligence tool of your choice. We’ll walk you through how we connect to your current setup and how you can quickly dive into insights. All of our data, pre-set AI models, and customized models are available to you and we’ll send you custom data visualizations built by our expert data scientists.

API Outputs

Run samples of data through our processing APIs – including our sentiment and classifier APIs. Or, get samples of data from our API. No matter your need, we’ll show you how to connect to your technology stack and walk you through results.

Sample Data & Reports

Interested in seeing what Nichefire’s reporting can do for you? Or, would you like to see what the data looks like? We can share a free sample report with data – on your brand and competitors – for free. Connect with us today to learn more!