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Get the clean and accurate social data and insights you need for your project.

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Our data story

Even with awesome technology, the old saying ‘garbage in, garbage out’ still applies. That’s why we developed (and continue to expand) our unsurpassed set of data sources. There’s gold in this here data. Our AI does the mining for you.

Our data comes from publicly available sources, API connections, and unique partnerships like Nielsen. All of it’s legally and ethically collected (no individual details). And all of it combines to give you a picture—a deep and rich picture of your market as well as the results of your effort.

Why and where the data matters

Here are a few examples of why the Nichefire data resources make a difference:

For banks

What if you could see customer distrust of a competitor? What if you could see the severity and shared reason? Our data and unique, AI-driven, nuanced sentiment analysis will tell you. And our consultants will tell you how to connect emotionally to win those customers. (BTW, you can also see when your customers are disgruntled and act in defense to keep them.)

For consumer packaged goods

Nichefire is one of a few partners with Nielsen Sales Data—and the only one to provide unique AI capabilities to match social media activity all the way to the cash register. For example, we looked at 300 yogurt brands and identified how positive-trending Nichefire Scores produced a similar sales lift. We showed how they won. When they won. And where they won. You like winning?

For HR departments

What if you could spot unhappy, high-value employees at a key competitor? Frustrated by limited opportunities, a slashed research budget, or departure of a great manager and a bozo replacement. Ready to run a targeted campaign to give those hard-to-find specialists a fresh start? We can help.

Discover differentiation that matters to your consumer

These are just a few examples of having the right data, and the right partner makes all the difference. It also demonstrates how our competitive and consumer insights assist companies in highly competitive industries with low differentiation.

We can help you spot strategic opportunities to highlight differences as well as how to express your difference to win with your target audience.

And much more! Connect with us to learn about more data sources.