Put our human intelligence on your team.

Don’t have the team in place? You don’t have to miss out on this valuable, competitor market research. Have our experts do the work for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Our experts use CompetiSmart, which includes artificial intelligence, to gather information about your competitors—about their focus and promotional efforts. We track what people say about them and you.

Step 2:

We analyze changes. To identify strategic opportunities. To spot the best types of posts and ads that connect with your target audience. And we can monitor competitors for sudden changes.

Step 3:

We provide you a monthly report that shows you the graphic evidence. It includes our expert recommendations for strategic and tactical next steps. Steps that will help you win.

Step 4:

We show which of your efforts worked and which didn’t. That’s part of the next report. Every month, you get new recommendations. Every month, you see the results. Every month you get better at winning.

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“What Nichefire provides us is different from other vendors or providers in the space. The ranked and scored social listening is something we always looked for, but you guys really nailed the key information all in one place.”

Micah Donahue

Prinicpal, Mechanica Branding