Advanced Competitor Benchmark Metrics on Social Media

Nichefire Competitor Benchmarks

Competitor Benchmark Metrics Made for You

How can you tell if you’re doing better or worse than competitors? That’s what our benchmark metrics tell you at a glance. Likes, reach, and follower counts–we call these “vanity metrics”–won’t tell you what about your content resonated with your audience. Nichefire provides research-backed, competitor-benchmark metrics trained on your industry.

Smarter Competitor Benchmark Metrics

Nichefire’s benchmarking system is powered by proprietary research on individual industries. Our goal? Identify how different industries measure performance across different social media platforms. This way, we enable you to measure what matters. Partnered with our CompetiSmart AI, you’ll be able to identify what elements in your content are resonating most – and your competitors’ content.

Allocate Your Resources to the Right Content

Nichefire’s effort metrics provide research-backed methods to estimate the amount of resources your competitors put toward different content pieces, campaigns, and product promotions – in addition to your traditional effort metrics, like number of posts.

Effort for Content Production

The cost and resources for different types of media (like video, images, or links) vary. That’s why we developed a metric to estimate the effort for this content. We take into account estimated production values, engagement rate variations, industry variances, and more. This provides a better means of estimating how much effort your competitors put into different strategies and campaigns – rather than just measuring number of posts and media types.

Boosted Content and Ad Spend

Nichefire benchmarking system not only identifies content that is boosted, it can estimate levels of ad spend for any piece of social media content. This allows you to identify where your competitors are putting most of their advertising dollars.

Understand How Your Content Resonates

Nichefire takes a step further in measuring sentiment on conversations. Rather than positive, negative, and neutral tags, we built a spectrum to help you measure how positive or negative certain conversation topics are around different brands. And, you will always have access to see those conversations.

We take this approach to a number of areas and apply our AI to build indexes for certain industries. For example, Nichefire can index the level of trust customers feel around banks or the level of care they feel around healthcare providers. These conversation metrics reveal how audiences perceive your brand and your competitors in a way that matters most to you.

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