Smarter Social Media Strategies – Powered by AI

CompetiSmart AI

Build Smarter Social Media Strategies.

There’s too much data and too little time. That’s why we built CompetiSmart AI. We trained our platform to automatically sort mountains of competitor data pertaining to individual industries. CompetiSmart categorizes and delivers data in a way that allows you to spot strategic opportunities. And take action.  

Built with You in Mind

CompetiSmart is trained on millions of posts, ads, and conversations for individual industries. That way, our AI is unhindered by data that’s irrelevant to you – no booleans or keywords required.

Spot Competitor Strategies

Your competitors’ content is categorized into dozens of researched data points and taxonomies. You can instantly identify how they promote products, what strategies work, and more.

Understand Any Audience

Conversation topics, mentioned products, and more are all automated and tailored to your industry. Nichefire is built to help you instantly see how you and your competition are perceived. 

Social Media Content Strategies

CompetiSmart uses natural language processing and neural networks that are trained to understand how brands in each industry promote themselves on social media. There are numerous topic layers and hundreds of categories CompetiSmart goes through to provide instantaneous results. All taxonomies are thoroughly researched and tailored to each industry – this allows the most accurate results when analyzing social media content strategies.

Create Smarter Content

For industries like banks and insurance, differentiation is key. Social media is an excellent way to talk about that differentiation. And no, it doesn’t all have to be about products. Good content can help build awareness, brand affinity, customer retention, and more.

Nichefire helps determine the best content by seeing what content strategies work for you and what has worked for your competitors – or, by seeing what’s NOT being done. You can see what types of content work at what times, how audiences are impacted

Data-Driven Approach to Product Promotions

CompetiSmart is trained to identify and measure featured products in brand content across social media. Utilizing natural language processing and our proprietary research, we’ve developed unmatched accuracy in identifying products that are featured by your competitors – explicitly or implicitly. That way you don’t have to rely on booleans or keywords searches. Now you can instantly identify how your competitors’ products perform, which products are saturated, when is the best time to promote certain products, and more.

Understand the Conversation Around Your Competition

Billions of conversations occur everyday on social media. You can tap into this network with Nichefire. CompetiSmart identifies the most pertinent conversations arround your industry and categorizes them for you – no booleans or keyword searches required.

Mentioned products, conversation topics, and our advanced sentiment scoring can help you understand how you and your competitors are perceived. Tied in with our product and content strategy analysis, you can instantly see how cutomers feel about certain products and content.

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