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Every serious business wants to know more about their competitors. What’s their strategy? When are they promoting and how? When did they launch a new product? How effective are they on social media compared to us?

For Internal Marketing Departments:

With Nichefire, you can see which digital marketing efforts pay off and which don’t. You can learn best practices in your industry. And capitalize on strategic opportunities you couldn’t see before. Here are just a couple benefits:

Smarter and Faster

Strategy professionals told us they spend about 80 hours a month tracking competitors on just social media. Nichefire can slash that to about 6 hours. Using machine learning, Nichefire tracks your competitors across numerous digital platforms. And delivers up-to-the-minute insights. So you can make faster, smarter decisions.

Win New Customers

Every company wants new customers. One key is to know what your competitors are doing—and counter. Nichefire reveals competitor strategies. It also helps you hone messages (and products!) that win new customers.

Keep Your Most Valuable Customers

Your competitors are out to steal your best customers. To keep yours and win more like them, build relationships better than your competitors. You’ll see what works, and fails, for your competitors too. And you can use those lessons to bond with customers.

For an Ad Agency, It’s Not an Expense:

Just like you do with other services, bill the cost of CompetiSmart back to your clients. That’s the industry standard for web hosting, photography, market research, etc.

Smart clients are happy to pay for Nichefire reports. Especially with your value-added insights. Nichefire makes you a more valuable, more strategic partner to clients. It also makes you more effective.

For less than your clients can subscribe to the Nichefire tool directly, you can provide it, saving them money. Split the costs across clients and cover the time your staff spends making recommendations.

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“Nichefire reporting is useful across our agency. Our account services team likes to track and share data. The creative team loves to see what competitors post and talk about. Our strategists like to see what formats and platforms competitors are using to get their message out.”

Micah Donahue

Prinicpal, Mechanica Branding