See CPG Product Strategies in Action

In this dashboard, see how Nichefire’s state-of-the-art AI categorizes content strategies for plant-based meat brands. Explore what brands are winning with what strategies, what consumers are saying about them with advanced granularity, and much more. 

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What’s Included in the Data?

Content and Advertising Strategy Analysis

Using our state-of-the-art classification network and AI, we identified key topics across brands in the plant-based meat product category. In this dashboard, you’ll find how Nichefire’s AI can identify top performing product attributes, strategic efforts to appeal to consumers, and where brands are placing the most effort.

Advanced Consumer Behavior and Sentiment Analytics

Nichefire’s advanced sentiment score modeling and classification networks can be used to identify key areas of consumer feedback. Dive-in on conversations that are automatically classified for you – such as pricing, feeedback on promotions, purchase intent, commentary regarding quality and packaging, and much more.