See COVID-19 Strategies in Action

The pandemic has altered our lives in numerous ways. How are brands responding to this crisis? What are people saying in response? Nichefire analyzed these patterns across major financial institutions. Sign up to see the data for yourself.

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What’s Included in the Data?

COVID-19 Content Trends Across Major US Banks

Using our state-of-the-art classification network and AI, we identified key topics banking brands discussed related to COVID-19. Dive into one of the major US banks provided in this data set to see characteristics of their strategies over time. When were they most active? What category of content performed best?

Strategic COVID-19 Content Comparisons and Resonance

Nichefire’s advanced sentiment score modeling and classification networks can be used to compare brands’ strategies against one another. Dive-in on specific posts from each of the brands in this data set and compare strategic content based on how the audience feels about it.