We founded Nichefire to solve our first-hand frustrations

As former power users of social listening tools, we were overwhelmed by the time consuming search for exact keywords and making sense of all the results — all while playing catch-up to market trends.


We decided to help our clients go a step deeper and understand the cultural underpinnings they needed to maximize their data and better predict the future.

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What we’re all about:

Cutting-edge innovation to prove the ROI in online data

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We believe in discovery through digital data and helping others succeed with it. When we deliver, we deliver exceptional quality insight and service.
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We’re always on the hunt for new and better ways to solve problems. We help our partners and clients take advantage of the latest and greatest innovations.
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We are committed to diverse thinking, culture, and trustworthy collaboration in our work environment–and in our relationships with our partners and customers.

Meet the leadership team

Our leadership team includes awarding-winning experts and practitioners in social intelligence, marketing, and finance. All with experience collaborating with leading brands.

Michael Howard

Michael Howard


Steven Brown

Steven Brown


Khalil El-Amin

Khalil El-Amin